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Lionel's Place began with a man named Lionel who taught his children to never make fun of anyone for being different. Raised in a village of multicultural immigrants, he learned early on that differences are to be celebrated.

From his life lessons, his daughter, Karen Sanders, and granddaughter, Hannah Howerton, created Lionel's Place with a goal of using illustration, design and the written word to encourage confidence and celebrate standout choices.

We will never be able to measure how much greatness the world has missed out on because a bully shut down a child's creativity. That's why it is our mission to bully-proof kids one at a time by teaching them that different is beautiful. When a child accepts and loves his or her own quirks, it in turn becomes easier for that child to accept and love quirks in others. Choose Weird is our mantra and way of empowering kids to own their differences in a positive and intentional way.


Hannah Howerton is the illustrator and creative director behind Lionel's Place. She is a lifelong doodler who finds inspiration in the great outdoors. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she knew she wanted to launch a business that would make a difference in this weird and wonderful world. She loves using pop art to promote messages near and dear to her heart.

Karen Sanders is the wordsmith and visionary behind Lionel’s Place. She is a bookworm from way back, and proudly touts the fact that she became a published author at age 7, when Wee Wisdom Magazine printed one of her poems. Karen has her BS in Journalism, with a minor in English. She is currently working on the second book in Lionel the Lemon’s series. Karen loves spreading her dad’s message of acceptance as she continues to use a little lemon to make a big difference.


Our book 'The Little Lemon that Leapt' is our most powerful tool in teaching kids our message. The anti-bullying movement needs a face, and we think Lionel is the guy for the job. That is why our way of giving back focuses on getting Lionel in the classroom. We love donating our time by visiting and presenting to elementary schools without an appearance fee. We have the opportunity to speak directly to the kids, and see the reactions to our message. Click here if you are interested in inviting us to visit your school!

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