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Lionel’s Little Bully-Proofing Bag is the perfect companion to your favorite teacher's classroom, and our way of launching Lionel's bully-proofing message into classrooms everywhere.


The message of our book, The Little Lemon that Leapt, is a valuable tool for:


1) Empowering kids who feel different.

2) Teaching kids to be themselves.

3) Encouraging kids to make stand out choices and to respect stand out choices in others.

4) Showing kids that friendships come in all shapes and sizes.


This bag includes:

  • 2 Softbound copies of The Little Lemon that Leapt
  • 1 Choose Weird classroom poster
  • Choose Weird wristbands for the class


These key tools make Lionel's message a staple in the classroom, as well as something they can wear as a reminder each day.


Teachers who want to further engage their students with this message may also access free classroom activity pages HERE, and shop more of our Lionel for Schools collection HERE.

Lionel’s Little Bully-Proofing Bag

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