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Lionel the Lemon’s Wonder Soup

4 parts love

4 parts kindness

2 parts curiosity

2 parts acceptance

2 parts empathy

1 part confidence


This recipe may seem simple (only 6 ingredients), but if followed exactly as instructed it could bully-proof the world. It should first be served at home, but must also be on the menu in our schools. Start with equal parts of kindness and love. With this base, it is impossible for the recipe to fail. When added to a child’s diet daily, these two ingredients will perform miracles. Feel free to sprinkle on a little extra. You can’t ruin the recipe by adding too much! You can only enhance the result. Once the love and kindness have simmered, gently fold in 2 parts curiosity. Why curiosity now, you might ask? The time is perfect. The love and kindness will blend immediately with their curiosity to make them look at this world with wonder. They will be open to information through the eyes of love, not fear. They will want to explore this weird and wonderful world, and love all of the people in it. The kindness will instill in them a need to make a difference, a need to help others, a need to stand up for what is right. This is when you stir in acceptance. This ingredient is key to the recipe’s success. When a child learns to embrace differences in themselves, they will be accepting of differences in others. They will be confident in who they are, how they look, what they believe. They will be attracted to different cultures, new places, unusual people. They will naturally seek out those who are different in order to learn what they have to teach. Now slowly pour in 2 parts empathy. Let them feel what it is like to walk in another’s shoes. Teach them that there are villages in this world where clean water is a day’s journey. Show them a homeless shelter. Take them to the Special Olympics, have them serve at a soup kitchen, encourage them to spend time visiting with an elderly neighbor. Let them know that this world is better when we are connected. Now it is time to add the final ingredient. Slowly whisk in 1 part confidence. You are worried that 1 part isn't enough? Actually, it isn't even necessary because it is already there. The combination of the first 5 ingredients creates more confidence than we could ever add. Serve this soup to your child every day and together we will bully-proof this world!

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