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The Greats Chose Weird: John Muir

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

In recent years, this quote has become exceedingly popular. It has been printed on countless cards, t-shirts, mugs, magnets—you name it. In a world where public lands are shrinking, this quote has struck a chord with a generation of millennials who need the serenity of the great outdoors more than any of their predecessors.

Among these millennials are varying degrees of familiarity with John Muir: the man behind the words. In short, Muir was an unapologetic advocate for nature whose legacy consists of thousands of protected acres of public land. He fought fervently for preservation with an unwillingness to compromise in a way unlike any man or woman in his time.

Society has a tendency to gaze critically upon anyone who dares to be different. Muir was not immune. His integrity was frequently questioned by those who saw his retreats to the mountains as abandonment of his family. His wife, Louisa, knew otherwise, and passionately encouraged such retreats. She understood that her husband required time in nature to recharge.

Muir’s intimacy with nature gave him a unique perspective that each of us have benefited from today. He was successful in his pursuits because he didn’t observe nature from afar, but instead dwelled in it and used the resulting knowledge, experience, and even emotion to drive his ambitions. He pursued a part of himself that few could relate to, and as a result brought incredible gifts to this world. Muir chose weird. Now it’s your turn.


Every individual beholds unique gifts that they can choose to nurture or neglect. Bullies target those who dare to be different, and stifle more creativity and greatness than could ever be measured. We hope “The Greats Chose Weird” inspires you to break the mold and pursue the greatness within! Click here to check out ‘The Little Lemon that Leapt’: our quirky children’s book that teaches kids that weird is wonderful!

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