Most of us have a mental picture of a bully. If you close your eyes you might see Scut Farkus  from 1983’s A Christmas Story or, Biff Tannen, George McFly’s nemesis in Back to the Future. Typically we see bullies as obvious bad guys. That isn't always the case. Recentl...

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

In recent years, this quote has become exceedingly popular. It has been printed on countless cards, t-shirts, mugs, magnets—you name it. In a world where public lands are shrinking, this quote has struck a chord with a generati...

4 parts love

4 parts kindness

2 parts curiosity

2 parts acceptance

2 parts empathy

1 part confidence

This recipe may seem simple (only 6 ingredients), but if followed exactly as instructed it could bully-proof the world. It should first be served at home, but must also be on...

Dear Mr. President,

I didn't watch you take the oath of office on Friday. I was visiting a school in rural California. As an author of a children's book with an anti-bullying message, I spend many hours in classrooms encouraging kids to embrace differences in themselves...

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